Hello Everyone!!!!!

I am very excited to be starting a blog to share my journey with you. So first THANK YOU if you are reading this!!!! Second life has been a little crazy this last year. This blog is going to be a place for me to share my Journey 2 Happiness with you and to also bring more awareness to people about chronic illness and diseases. (Well at least I am going to try) I will share my journey with Chiari Malformation I, Possible III, Cyst in my brain, Lupus and Spinal Fusion L-4 L-5  with spinal cord simulator implant and drop foot. So I am very complicated! I share all this with you because I want you to share this with others. Your family, your friends, who ever it might be that  suffers from one of these or more. For others that have chronic illnesses like, RA, MS, or fibro, or anyone that can relate.  Also to the people that are caregivers. I don’t share this for any other reason or for anyone to feel sorry for me, and please I don’t mean to sound harsh. If  I can help someone by sharing my story, which I pray I everyday I do then I have done what I have set out to do. The struggle I have been through I want nobody to go through what I am facing.  I am scared to death, to be honest and this has also taken years to get to this point. The physical and mental pain is unbearable at times. So if I can help some one yes I want to help them! Is my journey complete, oh no!!!!  So please join me on this Journey 2 Happiness. Oh and ignore the grammar,spelling, typos and all that good stuff. I am not  good at any of that and my auto correct is having a mind of its own lately. Some blogs will be about my journey, some will be about random stuff. Happiness for me was letting go as my health had controlled me for way to long. I truly hope you enjoy!!!!!

THANK YOU for always praying and sending positive energy to our family!!!! Without each of you this would not be something I would be working towards. Your comments and post make a huge difference in our life, so please continue to do so. I try not to complain but sometimes the pain wins.You all definitely put a smile on my face.Each and everyone of you are such a blessing to us. We can not wait to see what this year holds. Love and hugs to you all!  #MYHAPPY

P.S. Don’t think this is going to be a all sad page it is a Journey 2 Happiness!!!! We will talk about hard issues but hello HAPPINESS IT IS!!!!!!


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